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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Follow-up Ultrasound

So we were able to go in for another ultrasound. The first ultrasound revealed a Cyst in the brain. What we were able to find out is that in extremely rare cases it can be an indicator of Trisomy 18. After having this second ultrasound we were able to see that there were no other factors such as a physical deformity to support any suspicions for this. After plugging in all of the factors, the chances of it being Trisomy 18 are 1 in 2,400. The doctors offered us an amnio but did not strongly recommend it. There is also genetic blood testing but that is not a definitive marker and could cause unnecessary stress with a false positive. We decided in the end that we did not want to chance complications from an amnio or the chances of a false positive with the blood test. We are just going to leave it in God's hands. The doctors are not concerned and do not believe we have anything to worry about. So we have some great, detailed ultrasound photos as a result of all of this craziness and would like to share them with you.

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  1. Hi, I'm a friend of the Morales family from TM. I just wanted to post that I have one of those cysts too. Usually it will disapear before the baby is even born. Mine didnt, and I am absolutely normal. They didn't even know I had it until I was 25 and had to run some tests for other reasons. My dr. said it is the equivalent of a mole on my brain. Your baby is beautiful! Congratulations!