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Sunday, July 19, 2009

15 Week Photos!

So Leo had some fun with the photos this week because I'm really starting to show. We're taking a class at Meriter Hospital and I'm a little freaked out at the reality that I will be pushing a baby through... there in only 5 months and one week! I feel funny about being so scared, is this normal?
Anyways, I'm looking forward to finding out what the sex is and getting the spare room set up for a baby. We weren't going to have a nursery, but we're changing our minds about that the more we think about it. So, we're going to sell the bed in there and make room for the baby.
Anyone want a bed?


  1. I LOVE the pictures!! And yes, I think you're perfectly normal being a little freaked!! You'll do great though! We can garage sale too anytime you want. Just let me know!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'll have to take some Saturday off and go garage sale-ing with you. When's your next Saturday off?

  3. Hey, I'm freaked a little bit and this will be my third time. LOL It's TOTALLY normal. The important thing is to drop the fear once your in labor b/c you don't want it to be slower than it has to! And wow, what a belly! I should send you my 15 week pic with Ariana...seriously there was like hardly anything there. LOL This being my third it's going a little faster, which is nice b/c I'm always anxious to get out of that stage where you just look chubbier not pregnant. :) The pics are fantastic. Until I saw the second one I didn't think it was really you! Hope you're feeling better! Feeling any movement yet? If not, you should be soon! I think it was around 16 weeks with Ariana and 15 with Ivy.