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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We did it!!!

So we are starting this blog because we are expecting an addition to our family. We found out on Monday, May 11 (My mother's birthday)! So I wanted a way for people to follow us through this wonderful experience. I am so excited to be a mom.
I am 6 weeks into the pregnancy.
Right now I am experiencing some dizziness but other than that I feel fine.

My first appointment is on Thursday, June 4. I will update this blog at that time.


  1. I love knowing that I wasn't the only preggo working like a dog weeding at the church! You weren't being lazy afterall!! Good thing we went to rest at Panera!!

  2. I can't resist responding to the title of this post...I know you did it, that's how the baby came about. LOL!